Seattle Bucket List


It's no secret that I love making bucket lists. I wouldn't call myself a 'spontaneous' person, so like to have a list of answers when someone says "What should we do today?". It also encourages me to get out and do stuff, rather than answer the question with "Sit around and read". The bucket lists are usually seasonal, but while I was compiling a list of my favorite places in Seattle, I realized there were so many more places I wanted to visit than I had already visited. We've only been here for a few months, and while it's impossible to know how life will unfold I don't think we see ourselves living out our lives here. So why not have a list of things to do while we're in town, however temporarily? Here's what I hope to do in the weeks / months / years we live in Seattle:


☐ Seattle Japanese Garden

☐ Alki Beach

☐ Washington Park Arboretum

Bellevue Botanical Garden