Summer Reads 2018


If February and March were a drought of good books, then April and May have seen downpours! I've been reading up a storm based on recommendations from book clubs, podcasts, and blogs, and have found myself reading one great book after another! Great might actually be a bit of a strong word for these books -- maybe fun is more appropriate? Regardless, these books are ~perfect~ for the upcoming summer months, with it's beach trips, long drives, airplane rides, and lazy Sundays.

The Dry

Jane Harper

This is the book all your Liane-Moriarty-fan friends are going to be talking about this summer. Set in a rural Australian town, a father, mother, and son are found dead on their farm leaving only their baby daughter alive. Initially suspected to be a murder-suicide by the father figure,

When Rishi Met Dimple

Sandhya Menon

This was a tremendously enjoyable YA novel; candy read to the max. I loved both protagonists, and appreciated what layered and well-rounded characters they were. Their 'issues' felt very realistic, and the events of the book didn't feel as contrived as romance and especially YA romance can often feel. I also of course loved the technical setting of the book, and a strong female lead. Highly recommended easy reading!


Min Jin Lee

I read this for a book club, and since there were approximately 1 million holds on the audio book and e-book at the Library, I ended up picking up the physical hard-cover copy of it. This is the first physical book I've read at least since college, probably since high school, and I'll admit I was a little worried I had forgotten how to read physical books. But not so! I surprised myself by reading this 600 page book in just 5 days, and was riveted. I didn't expect I would like the book itself, much less in book-form, but found myself reading it every chance I got. I loved the focus on characters and not events, the way that despite triumphs and tragedies life continues to go on, and the way we see social changes reflected in the characters.

The Royal We

Heather Cocks

Another candy read 🙃 but that's what summer is for, right?? I loved this royal wedding fan-fic, and while the royal wedding has passed us by (cries) we can still read about royal wedding drama right?

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Ann Brashares

A classic! I re-read this recently (in one day, no less) to celebrate the arrival of summer, and was surprised by how well it stood the test of time and aging. Perhaps part of my love is for the nostalgia of reading it when I was growing up, but I fell right back in love with the 4 heroines and their friendship. We don't write about female friendship enough, and these ladies are truly inspiring! More like this please thank you.