Apps I Love



picture of me w/ phone

With so many applications out there, it's difficult to discern which are valuable, usable, and do what you expect them to. So, for the sake of those like me, here are some of the applications I have found particularly useful or entertaining. I should also mention that these are all free and available on Android.

  1. Overdrive: You can connect overdrive to local libraries and checkout books to read or listen to on mobile. I use it to download and listen to audiobooks, and honestly went from reading 0 books/year to about 1/week. It's completely changed my life, and made the mundane moments like doing laundry or walking to class more entertaining.
  2. AntennaPod: Similar to Overdrive, this app brings you great listening material in a different form: podcasts. It has lots of fancy features now like adjustable playback speed, automatic deletion once you've listened to an episode, and turning off if you fall asleep.
  3. Shuttle: This is just a music player I'm happy with. If you're happy with your music player, I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Heads up: This a fun "We're waiting for something and need to pass the time" app. It's especially great with kids.
  5. Mint: I use this mostly to set and maintain budgets. You need to give it some very personal banking information, so if you're not into that this isn't for you, but if you are I've found it very useful. You can even see your credit score on it, which is always good to know!
  6. Duolingo: You've more than likely already heard of this, but if not it's an addictive, gamified way of learning new languages.