Reading Lately: May 2020


So many mediocre books this month - I just couldn't find my literary stride. I think I went in thinking I needed some light, rom-com reading, and realized that to distract from reality required meatier reading. Live and learn.

The Song of Achilles: 5/5

Madeline Miller


This book was …

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Reading Lately: April 2020


This month sucked. Here's what I read.

How to Be Fine: 5/5

Kristen Meinzer & Jolenta Greenberg

I've listened to Kristen and Jolenta's podcast By the Book for years and was so excited to hear they had published a book about their experiences. How to Be Fine is funny, insightful …

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Reading Lately: March 2020


Better late than never!

Work Optional: 5/5

Tanja Hester

I've been reading Hester's financial independence blog Our Next Life for years now, so knew I'd like her book. Her voice is practical and compassionate, and her financial advice has just the right amount of detail to be informative but …

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Reading Lately: February 2020


I'm writing this March 22, 2020, and February feels like it was years ago. In retrospect it was a blissfully tactile month! We visited Cancun for my birthday, which was fantastic despite being very different than we had expected. The best part was when we got back spring felt within …

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Reading Lately: July 2020


Just 3 books this month - we were in the thick of looking for a new house, and also went camping once or twice. Luckily the books I chose were great!

Something to Talk About: 4/5

Meryl Wilsner

This was an exceptional, if not life-changing, romance novel. A big-shot movie …

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Reading Lately: December 2019


December was a crazy, busy, social month for us. Between our respective office Christmas parties, drinks with friends who were in town, family gatherings, and one Harry Potter themed dinner, we ate enough free cookies to last us all year. It was wonderful to see everyone, catch up with old …

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