It was really about the friends we made along the way


Anyone will tell you that the people are what make Puppet special. I know this isn't an Oscars acceptance speech, but there are so many people I want to thank.

I'll never admire another engineer as much as I admired Libby Molina. Libby made me feel like I had a …

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Why I'm Leaving Puppet


It feels like my last day at Puppet was March 13th, 2020. The physical office was a second home where I spent more waking hours than the series of apartments I lived in, and while in the context of the pandemic I felt so lucky I also came to realize …

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Puppet Memories


I got married this summer, and in thinking about what it means to spend your life with someone I've been thinking a lot about how much just being there matters. I think at startups especially, and Puppet in particular which has so many long-time employees, reminiscing and reinforcing those experiences …

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On Being Taken Care Of


I'm currently sitting on the rooftop deck at New Seasons in Portland, OR. I've been travelling to Portland for work pretty frequently since moving to Seattle, and among the things I love about visiting Portland is getting to buy food on the company's dime (or having my parents pay for …

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Oscar Predictions 2018


While I haven't seen every movie nominated for an Oscar this year, 2017 was a great year for movies and I'm particularly excited about the famous (infamous?) awards show this year. I'm disappointed that movies like Dunkirk and The Darkest Hour are still getting attention, particularly compared to movies like …

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On Sexual Harassment


Americans are uniquely drawn to celebrity, perceiving relationships and developing strong feelings for the people we watch, read, and listen to. "I've watched 'Today' every morning for 20 years", and "I remember turning on the TV every Sunday to watch fascinating interviews with Charlie Rose". I'm sure you can tell …

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What Can We Do?


Like many of you, I'm devastated. I'm angry. I'm afraid of how the next four years could impact my life and lives of those I love. And after Tuesday night, I was left wondering what can I do? It's easy to feel powerless, and hopeless. To join a facebook group …

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