Spring Bucket List 2019


Once again springtime finds me relocating to a new city, only this time it's also an old city. This bucket list is more of a 'things to do before we leave Seattle' list, but lucky for us Seattle has many wonderful offerings in the spring! A small part of me …

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Hawaii Vacation 2019


I scheduled a trip to Hawaii over my birthday, originally planned for February 12th-18th. After a wonderful but cold trip to Japan last year I knew I wanted to go somewhere warm during the worst part of winter, and Hawaii seemed as good a sunny destination as any. 2 weeks …

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19 for 2019


Happy New Year! I usually hate new years: the 'happy' part of winter is over, and ahead of us is 3 months of cold wet dark miserable. But this year I'm excited to get back to work, and excited about the year that just ended and the year to come …

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Reflections on 2018


I keep waiting for life to settle down, for the days to feel long and the years to feel short, but just like 2016 and 2017 2018 felt momentous. My life now is so different than it was a year ago, both in the day-to-day and the memories I've collected …

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My Slightly Less Boring Bucket List


A few months ago I wrote about my super boring bucket list. In summary, my bucket list does not include seeing the Northern Lights or skydiving but does include getting married and having kids. Since writing that list I've started having more exciting ideas for my bucket list, and when …

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Holiday Bucket List 2018


Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means the HOLIDAY SEASON has started. Christmas is a confusing time - like a lot of millennials I have found memories of Christmas with my family, and love the lights and the tree and the ritual of it. On the other hand I've outgrown the …

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Amsterdam 2018


Hello, fearless reader! I had the opportunity to go to Amsterdam for work this last week, and fell in love with the Dutch city. It's a beautiful, historic European city with so many of the features I love about Portland:

  • It's a bike city (though with a more aggressive and …
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