21 for 2021


Ah, 2020. What is there to say that hasn't been said? Reflecting on the year feels like reopening a wound you thought was healed. Reviewing my 20 for 2020 feels particularly masochistic, remembering the year I thought I'd be having. But while 2020 universally, unequivocally sucked, I still have so …

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20 for 2020


I started this post last year with "I usually hate New Years, but...". This year I'm going to come right out and say it: I hate New Years. All of January, really. It's cold, wet, and dark, without the joy and lights of Christmas. Bah, humbug.

Luckily I've given myself …

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Reflections on 2019


Boy, time has a way of stretching itself out. I know most people chorus "Time flies!" when reflecting on the year, but for me time might be a snail. It's slow and steady, it mosies by, it enjoys the scenery. It leaves a slimy trail over everything - ok, it's not …

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Seasonal Adventures: Fall 2019


Should these even be called "bucket lists" if I plan to do them long before I kick the bucket? To-do lists makes them sound like chores, 'fun lists' just sounds dumb. "Seasonal Adventures" doesn't sound much less dumb, but does at least seem more accurate. We'll try it on and …

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Summer Bucket List 2019


Wow, I epically failed my spring bucket list. I barely did one of the items - and even then, only because of this list and without particular joy. In my meager defense it's been a busy spring, with an interstate move and reconnecting with all my Portland people. And actually, even …

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A Year in Seattle


One of the highlights of 2018 was moving to Seattle with my beloved, along with two close friends from college. This year has been exciting and lonely and fulfilling and new, and I learned a lot about myself. In the scheme of things this adventure is so small - a move …

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Spring Bucket List 2019


Once again springtime finds me relocating to a new city, only this time it's also an old city. This bucket list is more of a 'things to do before we leave Seattle' list, but lucky for us Seattle has many wonderful offerings in the spring! A small part of me …

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