Podcasts I Love


The goal of this post is not to enumerate the top 10 podcasts that you already listen to, but to tell you about some lesser-known podcasts that I love.

  • The Mystery Show. Starlee Kine, who you've definitely heard on This American Life (?), solves mysteries that can't be solved ...
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Healthy + Happy: Inspired by My Mom


In honor of International Women's Day, or National Nutrition Month, or generally Having a Great Mom, or something, I wanted to give my mom a shoutout for teaching me that happy + healthy > skinny. My mom works hard for her body, doing an hour-long cardio and strength class (Jazzercise) at ...

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Hello, gentle reader. This is a living list of media that has significantly changed my life in some way. Whether clarifying values I held, inspiring me to change my thoughts or actions, or teaching me , the experiences below are ones that have helped shape me.

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