Borrowed From the Boys


As you've undoubtedly noticed, many products come in both a women's and men's version (i.e. deodorant, socks, haircuts, etc.). IMHO this isn't sexist so much as acknowledgment that men and women are physically different creatures, BUT, sometimes the men-version of a thing is much better (for one reason or another) than the lady-version, even if you identify as a lady.

Here are a few things I like to buy the non-lady versions of, and why:

  1. Flannels. They're often cheaper and always thicker, and while the cut is slightly less flattering the men's cut definitely looks great and will actually keep you warm. Mine are from St. John's Bay (I promise they came in cuter colors when I bought them!)
  2. Underwear. I have a medium-to-large sized + very round butt, and underwear always rides up and I have to fidget and pull it down all day long. Even ladies boyshorts do this, since they still barely cover my actual butt. Instead, I've been wearing MeUndies Men's trunks for about a year now, and am never looking back. They last longer, don't squeeze my hips, provide full coverage, and look really cute + sexy! Well worth the investment.
  3. Hair Cuts. Considering the head of hair I have, I definitely need to ask a barber first before having them cut my hair. Even certified curly-hair cutters find my hair daunting. That said, the best hair cut I ever got was from University Cuts Barber Shop for ~$15. With curly hair, even fancy salon hair cuts are very hit-or-miss, and there's nothing worse than dropping $60 (or more) and having triangle hair. Even dressers certified by Deva Curl have not been up to the task! Whether due to bravery, styling skills, or sheer luck, I've had better luck at barber shops.
  4. Sweat pants. Though I enjoy the shape and fit and lady-cut jeans, I want my sweat pants to baggy, comfy, soft, and roomy. I'm not trying to impress anyone here, I just need my body covered and warm. I ordered a pair of lady sweats in a large from American Giant, and though stretchy they were fitted! From booty to mid-shin, the sweats were right up against my skin, with none of the desired baggy roomy comfiness. I don't need to be feeling a hug around my upper thighs all day. Conversely, my boyfriend's size medium sweats fit me perfectly -- they give me plenty of room to move in, are thicker, and don't show whether I'm wearing underwear or not. And I can say I'm a medium :D . So we traded sweats (since the larges were baggy on him), and