Fall Bucket List 2017


What a summer! As we say hello to crisp mornings, plaid scarves, and cinnamon-spiced treats, I wanted to take a moment to review my Summer Bucket List and create a new bucket list for Fall. Like my summer list, this isn't a to-do list. There are no have-to's or should's here. But it's something to get me excited for the coming season!

☑ Attend a sports ball game

☐ Visit a pumpkin patch

☑ Make a sweet potato pie

☑ Go apple picking

☑ Enjoy a pumpkin stout (I also loved this cider)

☑ Send notes to friends and family for Thanksgiving

☑ Dress up for Halloween (we're thinking of going as Baby and Debora from Baby Driver)

☑ Cook tofu instead of meat at least once a week

☑ Run the Portland Half Marathon