My Favorite Places in Corvallis



Rice & Spice

The cutest little asian market in Oregon! If you're looking for rice cakes filled with red bean paste, shrimp chips, or dried seaweed, Rice and Spice is your place. It's run by the nicest couple, and is always a fun Saturday night adventure to get something you've never tried before.

Bald Hill

Just west of the OSU campus, Bald Hill was the perfect place to go for a run, a hike, a picnic, to watch the sunrise, or just generally to get out of town for a few hours. With a direct path from campus and a few different easy trails to hike up, nowhere is more convenient for a quick dose of natural beauty.

Fred Meyer Loft

The best kept secret in Corvallis: the Fred Meyer has a second floor. It's a great place to sit and read, do homework, or best of all: people watch without ever making awkward eye contact. Fred Meyer even has free internet! The perfect little oasis away from it all.

OSU Used

Ever wonder where all the old glass beakers, office chairs, and football uniforms go once they're past their prime? OSU Used! When I lived in Corvallis they had sales on the first Wednesday of every month, and I definitely found a few calculators, cute glass jars, and picture frames there. They also have a ton of old computer parts, so if you need a monitor, cable of any kind, or old laptop, this is the place to go. A great bargain rummage if there ever was one!



It may not be the best thai food you have in your life, but Lemongrass really grew on me during my time at OSU. The service is friendly and quick, the location is practically on campus, and it has all the staples of a classic thai menu. A great place for first dates, as it's quiet and you know the food will be good even if the date isn't!

American Dream Pizza

When I first moved to Corvallis I really didn't like American Dream. The crust was too chewy, there was too much cheese and not enough sauce. But over the years, after many quick lunches and catching-up-with-friends and late-Saturday-night deliveries (they deliver until midnight!), Dream really grew on me. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of a classic college pizza place, but once the sales guy memorized my order (medium Margherita with extra tomatoes delivered to the 'Hobbit Hole') and knew the sound of my voice, I knew Dream would always have a special place in my heart.


If a co-op and a coffee shop had a baby it would be Interzone. With organic coffee cake made daily, cardamom-honey lattes, and super spotty wifi, Interzone was definitely my coffee shop of choice in Corvallis. Whether for one of their killer bagel sandwiches or a pre-study-session jolt, it's the cutest spot to meet a friend at or work from!

Broken Yolk

The Broken Yolk is the classic American diner. You walk in and for all you know you're in Iowa, or Delaware, or Nevada. They have great food in generous portions, and classic breakfast and lunch fare. I've loved everything I've ever eaten there, and highly recommend for parent's weekend or even a mid-week brunch. Like all breakfast places it gets pretty busy on the weekends, but don't be intimidated by the line outside! The restaurant is big, and we've never had to wait more than 30 minutes. With that said, be careful to not arrive when you're starving ;)

And that's it! Which Corvallis holds a lot of memories and nostalgia for me, it's a great little town if you didn't attend OSU. If you ever get a chance I highly recommend visiting, especially now that you know all the best spots to stop at :)