Holiday Bucket List 2018


Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means the HOLIDAY SEASON has started. Christmas is a confusing time - like a lot of millennials I have found memories of Christmas with my family, and love the lights and the tree and the ritual of it. On the other hand I've outgrown the temptations of materialism; I don't need anything, and am not sure what my friends and family want. But to say I love the spirit of Christmas sounds weirdly religious, which I'm emphatically not. So...I love un-holy spirit of Christmas, probably for nostalgic reasons - there it is, caveats and all.

I'm most excited about the closeness I feel with friends and family during this time of year, and the chance to spend more time together. There are many things I want to do with loved ones this year, some old family traditions and some exciting new things.

☑ Volunteer (I ended up volunteering at PodCon 2) ☑ Bake cookies (I'm thinking orange and clove, but ended up making matcha cookies) ☐ Visit Santa ☑ Get a Christmas tree and decorate it ☑ Attend or host at least one Christmas party in a fancy dress ☑ Go to one live theater performance or concert (we got tickets to Christmastown ☑ Watch a classic Christmas movie (I love 'Elf') ☑ Walk down Peacock Lane

Truth time: I know this is a super long list of activities, but I BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas.