My Super Boring Bucket List


I read an article today about Bucket Lists that included a comments section, and was surprised by two patterns in people's bucket lists:

  • The Northern Lights seemed to be the most frequent single item. I have no idea what would compel anyone to stand in freezing weather in the middle of the night, but it will certainly take more than lights to get me there.
  • Approximately 95% of bucket list items were places to travel to. While I would have guessed travel to appear on most lists, I was surprised that people didn't really seem to think of a bucket list as much more than a travel check-list. While visiting places seems cool, I guess I wished there were more creative ideas for things to do or learn or make? That sounds so pretentious and judgey, but I guess for this post I will accept my role as pretentious and judgey narrator.

But! It was a great read, because it inspired me to write my own bucket list, which I later realized reveals how in my heart of hearts, my deepest, truest self is a total square. So! Here is my very boring bucket list:

  • ☑ Become a Senior Software Engineer
  • ☑ Get a doggo
  • ☐ Become financially independent (read: not need to work)
  • ☑ Speak a little Spanish every day
  • ☑ Visit my little brother Boston
  • ☐ Get married
  • ☐ Have kiddos
  • ☐ Be an extra in a film or a contestant on a game show
  • ☐ Fly first class

This honestly feels more like a list of long-term goals or a checklist than a fun list of adventures. Initially I was panicked by my apparent lack of ambition or wanderlust. Didn't I want more from my one life than this? Was being an extra in a movie really the most out-there, fun thing I could think to do? But after reflecting more on my own list as well as other common list items, I think this list is the best reflection of me and the life I want to live. Of course I want to travel more, and do more than is on this list, but I don't want it to be prescriptive, or to feel as though I'm just checking things off a list rather than pursuing new and exciting adventures. I want to leave room for my list to change, knowing that my life and self are likely to change. And honestly, I don't really want to see the Northern Lights or run a marathon or go sky diving, all common bucket list items that I can honestly say I have no desire to experience. So this is it: a relatively short and boring list of things I want to do before I die. #YOLO.