Openstack Image Default Username Reference


This seems like something that should exist on the internet and kind of doesn't (or should at least be more searchable). These are only valid if you obtain an official image from the respective projects repository, and may or may not be the same if you use a manual image.

Image Default Username
centos_(6|7)_x86_64 centos
cirros_0.3.[0-4]_x86_64 cirros
debian_8.2.0_x86_64 debian
ubuntu_1(4|6).04_x86_64 ubuntu
fedora_23_x86_64 fedora
rhel_7.2_x86_64 cloud-user (snowflake much?)
coreos_(version)_x86_64 core

If you're still not sure, I tend to find which user Openstack wants me to use by trying to login to the instance as root, and get a message similar to: ` Please login as the user "cloud-user" rather than the user "root". Connection to closed. `