Seasonal Adventures: Fall 2019


Should these even be called "bucket lists" if I plan to do them long before I kick the bucket? To-do lists makes them sound like chores, 'fun lists' just sounds dumb. "Seasonal Adventures" doesn't sound much less dumb, but does at least seem more accurate. We'll try it on and see how it feels.

To be honest I'm not excited about Fall this year. We had a mild and cloudy summer in Portland, which feels like it was over before it ever began. With Eli's new job we didn't get a change to travel much, and while we did ample summery activities something was missing. My heart just wasn't in it. I'm still mourning the loss of sunshine as I write this, in a coffeeshop while it rains outside - the whole scene feels like a sigh.

This is also going to be a busy season for us. I'm organizing 2 conferences, running in 3 races, attending handfuls of events. It's all exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing some wonderful people, but it's also stressful. My goal with this list is to give myself permission to take some time for myself and make sure I'm not running on fumes. Hopefully you can also find some time for yourself in the midst of back-to-school, back-to-work, and back-to-winter.

[x] Escape from a Haunted Corn Maze - It wasn't haunted, but we got to take a field trip during work to a pumpkin patch, and did the corn maze there

Watch Hocus Pocus

Visit the Living Computer Museum while we're in Seattle for SeaGL

[x] Bake a treat to bring to work I ended up making brown butter apple muffins, which were easy and an office hit!

[x] Try every pumpkin-spice flavored yogurt I can find