Summer Bucket List 2017


Inspired by Joy the Baker, I'm making a Summer Bucket List. I don't like the idea of have-to's or should's, but I do like the idea of heading into the summer with answers to the question "What should we do on this beautiful day?". Many of these are time-honored traditions in my family, so this is more of a reminder to partake than an aspirational list. Nonetheless, it bears writing and checking in. Here's what we're planning on doing:

  1. Take a Salsa class (I'm already signed up!) x
  2. Go to Oaks Park
  3. Attend the Oregon State Fair (and maybe submit a baked good...)
  4. Go berry picking
  5. Go to Shakespeare in the Park in Seattle
  6. Have a barbecue x
  7. Go to trivia night
  8. Go to Last Thursday
  9. Bake some bread. Yeast scares me, and I want to get over it.

That's all! Short. Sweet. Doable. Makin' the most of those summer nights.