Write The Docs: NA 2016


Another year of Write the Docs! Although I don't write as much documentation as I should, writing is such a key part of day-to-day human interaction, and WTD is always a good reminder of basic principles and encouragement to write more (docs). It's also an incredibly well run ...

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Podcasts I Love


The goal of this post is not to enumerate the top 10 podcasts that you already listen to, but to tell you about some lesser-known podcasts that I love.

  • The Mystery Show. Starlee Kine, who you've definitely heard on This American Life (?), solves mysteries that can't be solved ...
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Beaver Barcamp 16


The conference everyone waits for all year, BEAVER BARCAMP went down yesterday. This is my third year and final year organizing the unconference, and all was strangely calm. I'm not sure what magical forces to attribute this to, but usually there is a sharp spike in meetings, tasks, and ...

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The Interview


Interviewing is a lot like dating. You put on your nice clothes. You're kind of nervous at first. "Will they like me?", "Am I smiling too much?", "Was I supposed to tell the story about the frog?", "Oh god, I feel something between my teeth, oh my god, OH ...

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Apps I Love



picture of me w/ phone

With so many applications out there, it's difficult to discern which are valuable, usable, and do what you expect them to. So, for the sake of those like me, here are some of the applications I have found particularly useful or entertaining. I ...

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Book Review: Ready Player One


For the sake of recalling more from the books I read, and avoiding homework, I plan to start reviewing the books I read (or, rather, listen to). I'm currently making my way through the Harry Potter series again, but in the meantime got a chance to read Ready Player ...

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SCaLE 14x: My Experience


Day 0:

We pulled up to the venue at about 5:30 Friday night, T-90 minutes to Ignite talks. I chugged a chocolate milk from the "gift store", ran through my slides one last time, got dinner with the bosses, and found myself on a stage.

The Ignite Talks

  • Deb ...
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