Thanksgiving Week: Family


As Thanksgiving approaches I've been taking some time to reflect on the things I'm grateful for. Now, more than ever, I think we all need to take some time to appreciate what is good in the world and remind friends and family that they are loved. Remind ourselves that we are loved. That our lives are so full, and that we have so much to give to others. In an effort to spiritually recharge and fully appreciate how lucky I am, I plan to write a post each day leading up to Thanksgiving on something I'm grateful for. This exercise is definitely something I need in my life right now, to focus on my values and what's important to me. As a fair warning I know posts about how great my life is can come off as boastful, or holier-than-thou, and I want to emphasize that's not what I intend. Acknowledging what a privileged life I lead is meant to make me aware of the complex factors that give me that privilege, and help me work to afford that privilege to everyone. Knowing that I did not get here on my own helps me internalize that society is not an equal playing field, and that "success" is less a measure of character than of advantage. Alright, enough preaching, let's get to it.

Today's topic is the obvious choice: Family. Beyond literally giving me life, my parents have supported me in every endeavor I've undertaken, and provided me endless opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve my goals. They provided for me, so I never had to go to school hungry or wonder where I would sleep at night. They are loving, so I never doubt for a second that they are proud of me, or love me, or will be there for me no matter what. They are kind, thoughtful, good people, who have dedicated their lives to making their little corner of the world a better place. I'm grateful to have a brother I could share my childhood with, who initially challenged me to not hit back and now challenges me to think critically and objectively. It's so much easier to move through the world knowing that if anything happened I have people I can ask for help, for advice, for understanding, for forgiveness, and they would give it unconditionally. For that, I'm grateful.