21 for 2021


Ah, 2020. What is there to say that hasn't been said? Reflecting on the year feels like reopening a wound you thought was healed. Reviewing my 20 for 2020 feels particularly masochistic, remembering the year I thought I'd be having. But while 2020 universally, unequivocally sucked, I still have so much to be thankful for. First that my family takes the pan dulce seriously, and took precautions to ensure they didn't get sick (and thankfully no one did!). Second that most of my and Eli's families live in Portland, so we were able to see them throughout the panorama. Eli's sister Alice even moved to Portland in August, which we're both unspeakably thrilled about. Third that we still had so many wonderful new experiences this year, most notably buying a house (!!!) in SE Portland. Fourth that JOE BIDEN is our president-elect! The pandowdy has widened the wealth gap, and while I'm grateful to be on the privileged side of that gap I'm also keen on doing all I can to close that gap both during and after this year, including advocating for extending the rent and mortgage freeze, obviously pushing for more stimulus to individuals and small businesses, etc.

While it may be a while before Eli and I are vaccinated, I'm (perhaps foolishly) hopeful going in to 2021. Honestly I literally only care about one day and that is August 14 - the rest of the year can be totally fucked for all I care. As long as we're able to have our wedding safely, with as many friends and family as possible, I'll be over the moon. Given that's literally, no exaggeration, all I care about, I'm admittedly not taking this list (or 2021) all that seriously. It's still a worthwhile exercise though, so here's 21 things I want to do in 2021

  1. Get married no for real this time though
  2. Try backpacking
  3. Submit a crossword to the NYT (a rollover from last year)
  4. Go to at least 5 spanish meetups (another rollover) one two three four five
  5. Run a half marathon PR'd at 1:45!
  6. Build a patio and firepit in our backyard
  7. Start our vegetable garden
  8. Play in a piano recital (virtual or in-person)
  9. Read a Shakespeare play
  10. Visit a new National Park
  11. Go to a rave (safely)
  12. Volunteer at least 3 times a. one I signed up for the Sunrise Movement and have been going to meetings, writing my representatives, filling out surveys, etc. b. two c. three
  13. Start composting
  14. Send a letter in the mail
  15. Mentor someone at work
  16. Have at least 20 people attend one CoffeeOps
  17. Post a review to Goodreads within a week after finishing a book
  18. Not start working until 7:30 (and end at 5!)
  19. Continue to work towards doing the splits
  20. Take a live class (in-person or online)
  21. Check one other item off my super boring bucket list (besides getting married)