Blogs I Love



A Cozy Kitchen

Featuring tasty recipes, a book club, and some pretty amazing cakes, I love Adrianna's artful food photography and decadent recipes. She's an LA lady with the cutest dang kitchen you've ever seen, and she puts it to good use!

Joy the Baker

Joy is my QUEEN! I've never made a recipe of hers that I didn't like, and her go-with-the-flow, you-only-live-once-so-make-the-best-of-it way of living is truly inspiring. She posts great, easy recipes (and some baking adventures), and includes a weekly post of articles from around the internet. She's a true joy (ha) to read and bake with!

Minimalist Baker

While I don't necessarily love reading Dana's posts so much, I do love her instagram and the incredible arsenal of recipes she's amassed on her site. Her food photography is beautiful, and you can find healthy (for whatever healthy means to you!), tasty, and satisfying recipes on her blog.


Wit & Delight

I think this is considered a 'design' blog, but honestly most of their posts are just stories about being a human in the world. I love W+D for connecting me to other women around the world and understanding what's on their mind. What's it like to start dating again at 40? What's it like to have a miscarriage? What did happen when you tried not wearing a bra for 30 days? Understanding others experience through beautiful story-telling; my kind of blog!

A Cup of Jo

I'd describe Cup of Jo as 'a little bit of everything'. Her posts are typically short and casual, almost like checking in with a friend once every few days, and Joanna has created a wonderful community of uplifting women. I love that Cup of Jo isn't trying to be anything, or telling you how to live your life. It's just an upbeat check in, a "y'know what I was thinking about earlier today". I don't know. It's hard to describe. I highly recommend it!

Carly the Prepster

Does anyone else go through weird periods of obsession with a particular thing (song, movie, artist, etc.)? I'm currently crushing hard on Carly. I know it's a phase and that it will pass, but for now I just love reading her blog and following her on insta and youtube. She just seems so kind and upbeat, put-together without being overly primped, and I love her sense of style. I don't typically think of myself as a 'preppy' person, and wouldn't spend as much money as I think she does on my closet, so my obsession seems a little...out of left field. But for now I'm going with it! (And actually, this video inspired me to start trying to blog more!)

NYT Tip Column

About once a week the NYT will post a short column with basic tips on how to do something. This week it was How to Take a Vow of Silence. It can be anything. How to climb a coconut tree, write a love letter, or eat spicy foods. I love spending a little time each week pondering following the advice.

Young House Love

I mentioned John and Sherry's podcast in my list of favorite podcasts a while back, and while their banter on air cannot be beat I also enjoy reading their blog! While they are much more handy and DIY than I ever expect to be, it's very fun to see the projects they take on. This is the only real 'home design' blog I read, and it's a good exercise in contemplating the space I'm in. I also love their upbeat attitudes, and reading about their lovely family.



The Frugalwoods live a life of frugal luxury on a homestead in Vermont, where Mrs. Frugalwoods write funny and hearty soliloquies on personal finance, answers reader questions, and describes their lives in rural Vermont. I love Mrs. Frugalwoods writing style, and her positive attitude towards frugality. It's hard to put my finger on what in her voice and content resonates so much with me, but she is hands down one of my favorite writers of any platform. I highly recommend if you're looking to up your financial game (or like beautiful pictures of rural New England).

Mr. Money Mustache

MMM is THE personal finance blogger, at least in the nerdy circles I run in. And for good reason: his approach is very similar to the Frugalwoods, which is living below your means, spending on what matters to you, and growing your money correctly. MMM is definitely a bit snarkier than the Frugalwoods, but also has great writing style and aligns very strongly with my personal values. Preach!

The Power of Thrift

Though Anita doesn't always (or even often) blog about finance, I honestly really like reading about her day to day life, her goals, and the books she's reading. More of a lifestyle blog than a financial blog, but very much like catching up with a friend.


Style Bee

LEE. Like so many, I was enamoured with Caroline Rector of Un-fancy (see below) for years until she teamed up with Lee of Style Bee. And my life changed forever. Lee is an ethical fashion blogger, and her style is incredible. If I could style myself half that well...Lee is the best way to learn about responsible fashion brands, and see them styled + modeled. I love love love her blog, and can't wait to read more now that she's a full time blogger!


The OG in ethical fashion blogging (at least to me), Caroline has pretty much stopped blogging at this point. But it's still fun to read through the archives of her capsule wardrobes, and be inspired by her amazing photography and closet. An oldie but a goodie.

And that's it! My favorite blogs to read. I hope you found one that you will fall in love with or be inspired by!