Reading Lately: November 2019


Can you tell I'm desperately sprinting towards my 100-book goal? This month was filled with short, easy reads, many of them Christmas-themed since I was feeling festive. I've also been inspired by 'Read Like the Wind', a newsletter from Molly Young at Vulture about books, to try to do more …

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Reading Lately: October 2019


October was a crazy month. I ran the Portland Half-Marathon, spoke at Puppetize PDX, started a DnD campaign (not as DM, just playing!), and of course went to a pumpkin patch. Everything we did was fun, and the weather in Portland was gorgeous. It's been a beautiful, wonderful, spooky October …

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Reading Lately: September 2019


The Lager Queen of Minnesota: 4/5

J. Ryan Stradal

While not quite as enjoyable as Stradal's prior novel, `Kitchens of the Great Midwest`_, this book shares many of it's wonderful, warm, quirky, and serendipitous qualities. I loved each of the main characters, who are lovely and kind Midwesterners …

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Reading Lately: August 2019


August was a busy month for us. We visited friends in Corvallis, and my extended family in Bend, OR. We celebrated a one year anniversary with a big backyard barbecue, and a birthday with a hike and picnic brunch. Literarily the month was less great - I chose what I thought …

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Reading Lately: July 2019



Peter Heller

Celine: what a woman! I adored Celine, an experienced private investigator who spent her career reuniting separated families. She was quirky and smart, confident and matter-of-fact, and always one step ahead. Not only was she an incredible and rich leading character, the plot was mysterious and exciting …

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Reading Lately: June 2019


Can't Escape Love

Alyssa Cole

When you can't count on anyone else, count on Alyssa Cole to write a fucking amazing romance novel. Each one is better than the last! Her characters are so layered, complex, and real. Conflict doesn't arise from unrealistic miscommunication or quixotic drama, but from interesting …

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Reading Lately: May 2019


We've officially moved to Portland! I couldn't be happier to be back in my hometown - I missed my family and friends, I missed going into the office, and I missed the city itself. Eli and I have had a great time rediscovering the city and our neighborhood - so far we've …

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