Reading Lately: June 2019


Can't Escape Love

Alyssa Cole

When you can't count on anyone else, count on Alyssa Cole to write a fucking amazing romance novel. Each one is better than the last! Her characters are so layered, complex, and real. Conflict doesn't arise from unrealistic miscommunication or quixotic drama, but from interesting …

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Reading Lately: May 2019


We've officially moved to Portland! I couldn't be happier to be back in my hometown - I missed my family and friends, I missed going into the office, and I missed the city itself. Eli and I have had a great time rediscovering the city and our neighborhood - so far we've …

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Reading Lately: April 2019


Wallflower at the Orgy

Nora Ephron

This was the first collection of Nora Ephron essays I read, and while it was fine it didn't live up to my expectations. My favorite movie while growing up was 'When Harry Met Sally', and as a young woman trying to understand my own …

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Reading Lately: March 2019


The Tournament of Books happened this month, and while I knew I wouldn't get through all the books I did try for as many as I could that were available at the library. This resulted in a slow month with a lot of 'vegetable reads' - novels that I think are …

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Reading Lately: February 2019


Oof. February was a literary slump. It felt like each book I picked up was worse than the last. I tried reading Lake Success, May the Best Man Win, Girls in White Dresses, and Walking to Listen before finally making it all the way through Laura and Emma (which was …

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Reading Lately: January 2019


I'm not sure how I read so many books this month - I guess this is what winter does to a person? As a card-carrying Summer Person I usually hate winter, but for some reason this year I haven't minded it as much. Maybe Seattle winters are more mild than Portland …

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Reading Lately: December 2018


Despite the cold, I love December. Or rather, I love Christmas season. The lights! The trees! The time with family! It feels like a time to pause, reflect on the year, absorb the beauty around us, and be with the people we love. Plus there's so much time for reading …

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