Summer Bucket List 2018


Summer is here! Summer is here! I know this summer's bucket list features a few repeats from last year's, but after a busy spring I'm ready for some lazy days. Summer is my season! I love being outside all day, soaking in the sun, eating fresh produce, and enjoying the long nights. Everything looks brighter, like life was in black and white for the last few months and now we're in Oz. I'm so excited for my first summer in Seattle, and can't wait to see what adventures await us in the coming months! Ok, enough sun-crazed excitement for now, let's peek at what we'll be up to this year:

☑ Go on a 5 mile hike

☑ Go berry picking

☑ Ride the Seattle Ferris Wheel (We didn't technically do this because we got there and realized it was $14 per person to ride, which we just couldn't stomach. But I'm giving us credit for going out there).

☑ Make s'mores

☑ Host a barbecue

☑ Go to Shakespeare in the park OR a movie in the park

☑ Go to a trivia night at a local bar

☑ Bake something (hopefully this strawberry tart) (ended up being this banana bread)

So many food related things! Hopefully berry-picking and strawberry-tart-making can happen back-to-back ;)