Reading Lately: January 2019


I'm not sure how I read so many books this month - I guess this is what winter does to a person? As a card-carrying Summer Person I usually hate winter, but for some reason this year I haven't minded it as much. Maybe Seattle winters are more mild than Portland …

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Reading Lately: December 2018


Despite the cold, I love December. Or rather, I love Christmas season. The lights! The trees! The time with family! It feels like a time to pause, reflect on the year, absorb the beauty around us, and be with the people we love. Plus there's so much time for reading …

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Reading Lately: November 2018


While November was a wonderful month for me personally, it wasn't great in terms of literature. I had a lot of of stops-and-starts this month, with books I'd put on hold with every intention to read and then found I didn't want to pick up or finish. Florida by Lauren …

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Reading Lately: October 2018


My lucky-book-streak continues this month, with some truly fantastic fiction and a small dash of self-help. I also just got about 9 books in from the library all at the same time, so am looking forward to spending the weekend curled up with some tea and a lot of books …

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Reading Lately: September 2018


Hello! How are you? How are things? I've been travelling for work a lot for the past month - a blessing and a curse - which has meant I get to see a lot of wonderful humans I care for and don't see very often.

I've unknowingly been on a books-by-women-about-women kick …

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Reading Lately: August 2018


It's been a while since I posted what I've been reading lately. We're still in the dog days of summer, soaking in the sunshine and trying to ignore the back-to-school ads even though we're not technically on summer break anymore. My summer has been busy in the best possible way …

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Summer Reads 2018


If February and March were a drought of good books, then April and May have seen downpours! I've been reading up a storm based on recommendations from book clubs, podcasts, and blogs, and have found myself reading one great book after another! Great might actually be a bit of a …

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