Thanksgiving Week: Work


This is the third post of my Thanksgiving Week series. If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading the introduction post first!

I know this isn't usually the first (or third) thing folks think of when considering things they're grateful for, but there are many aspects of my work that fill me with appreciation and joy. I have the privilege of doing work that I love, that is challenging, interesting, and fulfilling, where I get to spend my days learning, creating, and solving complex problems. What's more I get to do all of this with people who are smarter and kinder than I am, constantly inspiring me to grow and be a better human. I work with people I look forward to seeing, who respect and care for me, who know me and who I can be myself around. I definitely never expected my workplace to be the first place I went after a national tragedy, and expected even less to be consoled and comforted by my coworkers. Leaving work that day was the moment I knew I was in the right place. The cherry on top is that I work at a company that values my contributions, that makes me feel welcome, and that works hard to make sure I'm appropriately compensated for my work. And my commute is a 30 minute walk! There's no where else I'd rather spend most of my waking hours, that's for sure.