Reading Lately: July 2020


Just 3 books this month - we were in the thick of looking for a new house, and also went camping once or twice. Luckily the books I chose were great!

Something to Talk About: 4/5

Meryl Wilsner

This was an exceptional, if not life-changing, romance novel. A big-shot movie …

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20 for 2020


I started this post last year with "I usually hate New Years, but...". This year I'm going to come right out and say it: I hate New Years. All of January, really. It's cold, wet, and dark, without the joy and lights of Christmas. Bah, humbug.

Luckily I've given myself …

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Reading Lately: December 2019


December was a crazy, busy, social month for us. Between our respective office Christmas parties, drinks with friends who were in town, family gatherings, and one Harry Potter themed dinner, we ate enough free cookies to last us all year. It was wonderful to see everyone, catch up with old …

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Reflections on 2019


Boy, time has a way of stretching itself out. I know most people chorus "Time flies!" when reflecting on the year, but for me time might be a snail. It's slow and steady, it mosies by, it enjoys the scenery. It leaves a slimy trail over everything - ok, it's not …

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Reading Lately: November 2019


Can you tell I'm desperately sprinting towards my 100-book goal? This month was filled with short, easy reads, many of them Christmas-themed since I was feeling festive. I've also been inspired by 'Read Like the Wind', a newsletter from Molly Young at Vulture about books, to try to do more …

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Reading Lately: October 2019


October was a crazy month. I ran the Portland Half-Marathon, spoke at Puppetize PDX, started a DnD campaign (not as DM, just playing!), and of course went to a pumpkin patch. Everything we did was fun, and the weather in Portland was gorgeous. It's been a beautiful, wonderful, spooky October …

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Reading Lately: September 2019


The Lager Queen of Minnesota: 4/5

J. Ryan Stradal

While not quite as enjoyable as Stradal's prior novel, `Kitchens of the Great Midwest`_, this book shares many of it's wonderful, warm, quirky, and serendipitous qualities. I loved each of the main characters, who are lovely and kind Midwesterners …

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