Book Review: Kitchens of the Great Midwest


What a sweet book. This book is a glass of warm milk before bed. It's the one fuzzy blanket you have that is so soft and fits perfectly around you. It's comforting, and homey -- the perfect antidote for this indefinite winter.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest follows the ...

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Book Review: How Everything Became War, and the Military Became Everything


How Everything Became War, and the Military Became Everything might be the best book I read this year. The military has never been a part of the cultures I grew up in, so my knowledge and awareness of what the military is, how it's run, and what it does ...

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Book Review: Eligible


Like most books, I picked this one up with no prior knowledge of it's contents (probably off of Powell's New + Recommended list). I was pleasantly surprised to find a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice! Eligible is the delightful and familiar tale of Lizzy Bennet, her family, and ...

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Setting a Language with Selenium Webdriver in Ruby


Hello reader! This post was inspired by a project I was working on recently, adding a 'lang' option to a Selenium-Webdriver (the ruby gem) wrapper. I needed to instantiate Selenium::Webdriver.for(:firefox) and (:chrome) both locally and remotely (Sauce labs, specifically), setting a locale for each. There's plenty ...

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Book Review: The Magnolia Story


The guiltiest of pleasures! I love Fixer Upper for all the reasons you might expect. It's funny, cute, inspiring, and simple. There's no conflict, or bad guys, or explosions, or skin-tight suits. Just a Texan couple, making houses beautiful. The Magnolia Story details the life of Chip and ...

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Book Review: You'll Grow Out of It


Happy New Year! January is such a melancholy month, isn't it? The festivities and gatherings have ended, everyone is back to work and school, and there are weeks of dark, cold days┬╣ ahead of us. So, to get my mind off my SO's departure I listened to Jessi ...

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Reflections on 2016


January 1st of 2016 feels like it was a lifetime ago, doesn't it? 365 days ago I was buying my last physics textbook, working on my senior project, and applying to jobs in my spare time. I had never voted in a Presidential election[1]. I had never ordered ...

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