Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain


While doing chores and running errands this weekend, I had a chance to read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. As a dog owner and lover I was simultaneously excited and wary of another book about a dog where the dog inevitably the dog dies at ...

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Minimal Programmatic Puppet Class Creation


This post began when I was trying to programmatically create my own Puppet class, googled this exact title, and came up totally empty handed. After wading through dozens of StackOverflow posts and puppet docs, I still wasn't sure what I needed to accomplish this or how it would fit ...

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6 Books to Read This Fall


Hello fellow humans! Fall is here, in case you hadn't noticed yet, and with rainy Sundays and long bus rides to school ahead it's time to pick up some easy reads. Make some tea, cozy up, and crack a book! Here's what I've been reading and ...

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Book Review: Sex Object


I picked this book up off of Powell's "New + Recommended" list, and had little background on Jessica Valenti. I knew it was branded as 'Feminist', whatever that means, but didn't know much else going in. Unlike many books I finish, my feelings about it are complex.

The book ...

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Book Review: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo


For whatever reason, this past month I had a hard time getting into any books. This is in part because so much of my attention was directed at my new job, in part because nothing I was really excited to read came in, in part because I was spending a ...

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If I Were A Boy


Before attending university I was completely unaware of the diversity problem in STEM. In high school all of my classes were relatively 50-50 in terms of gender, including science and math classes, and I had never experienced or noticed anyone treating me differently than my male peers. My fist computer ...

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Openstack Image Default Username Reference


This seems like something that should exist on the internet and kind of doesn't (or should at least be more searchable). These are only valid if you obtain an official image from the respective projects repository, and may or may not be the same if you use a manual ...

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