It was really about the friends we made along the way


Anyone will tell you that the people are what make Puppet special. I know this isn't an Oscars acceptance speech, but there are so many people I want to thank.

I'll never admire another engineer as much as I admired Libby Molina. Libby made me feel like I had a …

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Why I'm Leaving Puppet


It feels like my last day at Puppet was March 13th, 2020. The physical office was a second home where I spent more waking hours than the series of apartments I lived in, and while in the context of the pandemic I felt so lucky I also came to realize …

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Puppet Memories


I got married this summer, and in thinking about what it means to spend your life with someone I've been thinking a lot about how much just being there matters. I think at startups especially, and Puppet in particular which has so many long-time employees, reminiscing and reinforcing those experiences …

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21 for 2021


Ah, 2020. What is there to say that hasn't been said? Reflecting on the year feels like reopening a wound you thought was healed. Reviewing my 20 for 2020 feels particularly masochistic, remembering the year I thought I'd be having. But while 2020 universally, unequivocally sucked, I still have so …

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Reading Lately: May 2020


So many mediocre books this month - I just couldn't find my literary stride. I think I went in thinking I needed some light, rom-com reading, and realized that to distract from reality required meatier reading. Live and learn.

The Song of Achilles: 5/5

Madeline Miller


This book was …

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Reading Lately: April 2020


This month sucked. Here's what I read.

How to Be Fine: 5/5

Kristen Meinzer & Jolenta Greenberg

I've listened to Kristen and Jolenta's podcast By the Book for years and was so excited to hear they had published a book about their experiences. How to Be Fine is funny, insightful …

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