Promting for Sudo Password in Travis


"Lucy, why would you want to do this? ARE YOU OK?" It's true: making Travis print the sudo prompt and enter it's password is not a common use case. We were testing a new feature in Bolt which opens a subprocess on the local machine and runs a command as …

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Reading Lately: March 2019


The Tournament of Books happened this month, and while I knew I wouldn't get through all the books I did try for as many as I could that were available at the library. This resulted in a slow month with a lot of 'vegetable reads' - novels that I think are …

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Spring Bucket List 2019


Once again springtime finds me relocating to a new city, only this time it's also an old city. This bucket list is more of a 'things to do before we leave Seattle' list, but lucky for us Seattle has many wonderful offerings in the spring! A small part of me …

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Reading Lately: February 2019


Oof. February was a literary slump. It felt like each book I picked up was worse than the last. I tried reading Lake Success, May the Best Man Win, Girls in White Dresses, and Walking to Listen before finally making it all the way through Laura and Emma (which was …

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Hawaii Vacation 2019


I scheduled a trip to Hawaii over my birthday, originally planned for February 12th-18th. After a wonderful but cold trip to Japan last year I knew I wanted to go somewhere warm during the worst part of winter, and Hawaii seemed as good a sunny destination as any. 2 weeks …

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Reading Lately: January 2019


I'm not sure how I read so many books this month - I guess this is what winter does to a person? As a card-carrying Summer Person I usually hate winter, but for some reason this year I haven't minded it as much. Maybe Seattle winters are more mild than Portland …

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Cloud Provisioning with Terraform and Bolt


Terraform is a cloud provisioning tool that's great at managing low-level infrastructure components such as compute instances, storage, and networking. While Terraform is great at creating the infrastructure you need, it's not great at managing the state of your resources over time or enforcing certain states. Nathan Handler described it …

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